The Nature of Life…

Chips+Breaks… is suffering. 

The cause of suffering is attachment and desire. 


My pottery collection is always changing, because it’s always breaking. I am thinking about this today because it is winter, so impermanence creates the texture of my days. It’s 4:00, and the sun has already gone behind the mountain. Also, I drank coffee this morning out of the deep turquoise mug I bought in the pottery village when I was visiting my brother in Okinawa. I’m such a sucker for that round shape. Like drinking coffee from a vowel. Or like your hands are pregnant. The mug has a little chip now.

There’s that moment of practice heartbreak when the mug slips, the frantic grasping and wanting to go back, rewind, undo, undo! Breaking pottery reminds me that in the great trajectory, there are many bigger losses to come. Which is sad, but comes with an upside, which is that right now, my chipped, sunset life is perfect, glorious, precious, and fleeting.


The Nature of Life is Suffering

Here it is, dirty and sudsy, pre-chip.


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