Office mate #2: Renji

Office security (guard + blanket).

Artspace_RenjiThere is a line in the Maidu creation story– the people indigenous to the place I’m from– about “Coyote and his dog, Rattlesnake.” Sometimes we joke that we didn’t get Suki a brother, we got her a dog. Full on dog: hedonist, sensualist, protector of those he loves, eater of all the good food and all the other food as well. He was a heathen when we sprung him from the cell they had him locked in in Roosevelt, UT, but Suki has been civilizing him. One thing about Renji: he is a cuddly, cuddly bastard. He loves to use my foot as a pillow while I write.

When I was a kid I had a speech problem– I said “aweu” instead of “arr.” Wenji bwings it out in me again, I sometimes weelapse awound him. He’s an Austwalian Shepheahd/Wottweilah mix, we think. With a dose of Honey Badgah and Luck Dwagon. His coat is a bwindle wootbeeah coloah.

God, writing that reminded me how frustrating it was trying to communicate when I was little. Up until I was about 12, and by that time I wasn’t little. I was over six feet tall. Frustrating even when people thought it was cute. I read all the time and had this precocious vocabulary that I couldn’t pronounce.

Woot. Beeah. Wootbeeah. Bee-ahh. Like, you know, you get dwunk on it? Beeah.

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