Detail Shot of the over 8000 Instagram images pasted to the gallery wall for #Blessed: User-generated Content and Indexing Spirituality


15 Bytes, March 2015 The hashtag #blessed has been used over 34 million times since Instagram's inception. It was used well over 8,000 times the day that Christin Aucunas, the curator of #Blessed: ...

The first Great Saltair. Photo by Nathan Webster

Ghosts 0.1: Palimpsests

Writing tablets used by ancient Romans were coated with wax, so they could be written on, then smoothed, then written on again. It was Cicero who described this process with the word “palimpsest” a word ...


Ghotst 0.2: The End of the First Saltair

It started in Ali Baba Cave, the fire. Workmen were getting the Saltair ready for the upcoming summer season of children, swimmers, and dancers. In those days, a half million of them came each year by train ...

The Saltair Burning

Ghosts 0.3: The Second Saltair

  After the fire in April, 1925, they planned to open the Saltair right back up. There were still bath houses intact, and swimming in the Great Salt Lake was the resort’s raison d’être, after ...

Photo by Nathan Webster

Body 0.3: The Third Great Saltair

  They placed it about a mile west of where the original once stood. It was built from a salvaged Air Force aircraft hangar. It was also built of shared cultural memories so thick they worked like ...

Colour Maisch with milkweed fluff. Photo by Zoë Rodriguez

All That Beautiful Imperfection

Colour Maisch, Art and Life “Have you ever seen the side of a milkweed pod opening up?” Colour Maisch asks. She reaches under a table in her studio in the ceramics wing of the art department at the ...

The Ram. By David Ruhlman

The Ram Watches Over the Apocalypse and Other Stories

The Personal Mythic Vernacular of David Ruhlman In the center of David Ruhlman’s UMOCA exhibition, standing like an altar, there is an ancient card table. The black material of the table is rubbed off ...

I Scream
durational performance by Marilyn Arsem
at ‘Live Action Goteborg’
Goteborg, Sweden
May 2011
Photo by He Chengyao

A Conversation, a Manifesto, an Experience

Marilyn Arsem once stood in the rain holding 40 liters of peppermint ice cream for eight hours. Another time, she spent a day rolling in long strands of seaweed until her body was covered and entangled. ...


Awaiting: Ernesto Pujol’s Sunset to Sunrise Performance

On Thursday April 8th in the late afternoon, over 40 people dressed in white will begin silently walking from various locations all over Salt Lake. They will head through the city streets, crowds, and rush ...