This Year’s Apocalypse

September 25, 2016

I want to explain Salt Lake City to you. It's beauty and weirdness and the crush of creativity happening here right now. I can't do that. Not really. It's deep and wide and constantly changing. But when you take all of your ideas about what this place is, throw in non-profit dance organizations that throw galas set at the end of the world. (And consider joining me at the 2017 NOW-id Gala ...


Great Salt Lakewater

September 5, 2016

It is viscous and warm, like amniotic fluid. No. That was my friend's sensory deprivation tank, just days before I dashed out to the lake for a sunset picnic. It is not like a sensory deprivation tank-- except that it is very very salty and so you float if you swim in it. All your senses are alive there, with the warm, smelly breeze and sliver of crescent moon and all those stars. But when ...

ricefield somewhere west of home

Herons and Humpbacks

July 20, 2016

There is really no time for this dawn rice field ecstasy, but a gigantic ghost of last night's full moon is still printed on the sky just above the western range. There's a heron fishing in the impossibly green glowing paddy and an egret flapping slow and lazy and backlit against the sunrise. Up ahead a crop duster is breaching over an olive orchard like a biplane humpback and it's somehow ...


Ferns & Manifestos

July 5, 2016

As we hiked through head-high ferns and Queen Anne's Lace, Dorothee and I spun manifestos of creative daring. At each bend I didn't know if I'd find a moose or a brontosaurus. We found neither-- just a view from the top of the mountain where we sat and ate our apples and committed to living lives of generous creative risk-taking. Butterflies flew around us while below the valley stretched out ...