Altar of Smells

My studio currently smells of desert campfire and caramelized pine.

I’ve gradually gathered an altar of wonderfully smelling things. Sage picked from the hillsides in Park City in summer. Incense that Emily gave me for my birthday last year. Bowls full of frankincense and myrrh that Cory sent me to aid in my fortune telling efforts before the last House of Apocalypse fundraiser. Palo Santo.

And now these. These honey drops of pinyon sap that Cory and I spent an afternoon picking up along the rim of the mesa from underneath the pinyons. Most of them are too beautiful to burn, but I made a point of picking up a few cruddy, sandy ones that I wouldn’t feel bad about igniting.




Pinyons are so beautifully sculpted, each a perfect giant bonsai.

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