Amie Tullius


Amie Tullius is a fiction writer, art writer, and essayist. Her work has been widely published in Utah, as well as in GOOD Magazine and a smattering of Western regional publications. Her artist books have shown in Salt Lake and San Francisco, and she has an exuberant curatorial streak that leads her to do things like organize peripatetic literary magazines that she sends traveling the country via Amtrak. She is in the finishing stages of a picture book, a modern scientific creation story that is a very simple telling of the current understanding of the formation of the Universe.

She is interested in beauty– aesthetics of kindness, space, connection, design, effort, and movement. Also landscape. She gets caught up in internal and external vastnesses. She’s passionate about textures and materials and frequently makes objects out of linen, charcoal, paper, silk, porcelain, steel, and occasionally honey.

As a collaborator she’s drawn to people who make things, who try, and do. She’s a good one for saying “good idea.” She aspires to be an epic listener. Empathy is her primary methodology for writing and life. 

Tullius grew up in an olive-scented canyon in the rolling foothills of Northern California where she could disappear into golden dry grass landscapes for hours, and read books in oak trees. She moved to Utah from San Francisco in 2006 after finishing an MFA in Writing at California College of the Arts. Now she disappears into sagebrush-covered hillsides, red-rock canyons, and pine-scented aspeny mountaintops. She emerges to participate as a board member for an international contemporary dance/design company, NOW-ID, and as the sales director for a contemporary art gallery, J GO Gallery, as well as her various writing projects– many of which you can access on this site.