I Scream
durational performance by Marilyn Arsem
at ‘Live Action Goteborg’
Goteborg, Sweden
May 2011
Photo by He Chengyao

A Conversation, a Manifesto, an Experience

Marilyn Arsem once stood in the rain holding 40 liters of peppermint ice cream for eight hours. Another time, she spent a day rolling in long strands of seaweed until her body was covered and entangled. ...


Awaiting: Ernesto Pujol’s Sunset to Sunrise Performance

On Thursday April 8th in the late afternoon, over 40 people dressed in white will begin silently walking from various locations all over Salt Lake. They will head through the city streets, crowds, and rush ...


Banksy Was Here

On the opening day of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, I was on Main Street as Park City woke up to a town full of new art.  Banksy, perhaps the world's most famous graffiti artist, has left Utah, but ...

Red Book_p4 copy

The Red Book

Last year a large red leather book was pulled up out of a Zurich bank vault, meticulously reproduced, and tentatively unleashed into the world after being hidden for nearly 50 years. The book—called ...